Here is Part 1 of the 5 Major Things That Women Want Men To Know About Them from the Inner Discovery Hour with Greg & Cheryl!

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Cheryl: Your wife should be the one who comes first, not second. However, you don’t have to hurt your Mom’s feelings, but you also in the interim, need to understand that your woman, your wife should come first, before your Mom.

Gregory: A lot of times I hear people people talking about, ‘I’m a Proverbs 31 woman’.  And when you start listing all that stuff in that particular book and chapter, about what the Proverbs 31 woman is, a lot of women these days can’t reach that level. 
Cheryl: My Husband had to set boundaries, and it is very much needed in a relationship; especially when you have a domineering Mother in law.
Gregory: It had to be established that look, there’s only one Queen in the castle.Even if you have a Mother in the home, in some African cultures, where you have the Queen Mother there but the Queen Mother understands that she’s the Queen Mother. She’s not the Queen. Queen Mother and Queen are two different things.
Gregory: If you’re just dealing with establishing order once the man finds that person that he’s ready to build his life, then you cannot put your wife second, if you’re going to change her name, just to behold your Mother who has already had her time to reign.” 

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