The Bishop Arts District in Texas is known for stylish boutiques, charming eateries, and wonderful art galleries. It is also the location where Tony Franklin ofย TLFJ Photography captured some adorable moments in his engagement shoot with the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Fields. We love a sweet love story here at The Tribe and this couple delivers in every way. See this couple holding hands, swinging, and being just as in love as they want to be. it is hard to miss that this couple is destined for years of happiness and we wish them an abundance of love, romance and sweet affection along their journey.
The Couples Story:ย 
The couple met at a local church here in Dallas for the first time at a young adult program. She noticed him and liked that he was a Lover of God and that he was into the young adults ministry and knew the word. He noticed that she was "cute" and funny. They dated for a year and a half and then he proposed to her.
A Few Words From The Photographer:
The session took place in the Bishop Arts District here in Dallas, they both have a love for affordable fashion and shoes and wanted to ensure this was highlighted in their session. The chemistry was so apparent with each image. The look in they have every time their eyes met gave me the chills on that hot day. One of my go to moves is to have the couples pose for a few shots and then photograph them naturally for the remainder of the session. I am a firm believer in capturing the raw images of my clients and having them be represented for who they are and not who I am able to pose them to be. They were very pleasant to work with and kept me and my wife who is my assistant laughing the entire time.