The pack of lionesses that become your bridesmaids are your “ride or die” girl-power troupe that pick you up when you’re at your lowest and will bring you back down to Earth when you have lost your mind.  It’s only fair to reward them with some gifts that represent this special bond, so we’ve gathered our ten favorite bridesmaid gifts that will impress and last just as long as the memories that are created.


1. Burning Oils

Smells are the most powerful memory-triggers, which makes gifts that include paired essential oils a special way to share the happiest moments of a bride’s life.  Whenever that chosen oil is burned, you will be transported back to that special day you asked Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


bridal tribe bridesmaids


2. Shot Glasses

Sure, you could just buy the shot glasses that are available at the restaurant or bar of choice where you and your girlfriends go to get your drink on, but you could make things even more special by gifting a branded shot glass that represents your wedding and/or bridesmaids. Make plenty of spares, too, just in case.

bridal tribe bridesmaid


3. T-shirts

This one is a no-brainer, and likely something you’ll spend some time on designing.  Gather the girls together and try to get their personal input on what they would like to see on their shirts.  Make it cute, make it fun, and make it unique.


bridal tribe bridesmaids


4. Thank You Cards

Along with the t-shirts, spend some extra time on customizing your ‘thank you’ cards.  Personalize each one with handwritten notes, as well as some custom artwork and photos.  They don’t need to be fancy or expensive, in fact you could print them all out yourself and end up with a great memento.



bridal tribe bridesmaids


5. Make-up

You can either gift your bridesmaids with make-up that they’ve never tried before or would not normally buy or you could get all bridesmaids matching make-up sets, making it an extra-special set that will always bring back memories.


bridal tribe bridesmaids


6. Skincare Products

With all the emotions pouring out during this wedding ceremony, everyone is going to need a little TLC when they get done.  What better way to reward your bridesmaids for being there with you through the thick and thin than to gift them a beauty skincare basket full of rejuvenating and healing goodies?


bridal tribe bridesmaids


7. Spa Soaps

Fitting right in with those skin care products are more therapeutic gifts that will help open your pores and moisturize you while relaxing in a nice bath.  Your bridesmaids will love spa soaps, especially if they have never had them before.  It’s hard to return to the average after treating your body to spa soaps.


bridal tribe bridesmaids


8. Throws/Small Blankets

If you’re looking for some simple little gifts that will get a lot of use, a small throw is a great functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any couch or chair.  It’s nice to curl up with a lil fringey blanket when the temperatures dip a little and you want to just watch TV and chill.


bridesmaid gift


9. Gym Supplies

Here’s another idea that can double as a functional activity item that you and your bridesmaids can share together, then take home to get even more use out of.  Anything as simple as personalized water bottles, towels, or yoga pants can become a special memento of all things girl-power with you and your girls.

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10. Charm Bracelets or Bangles

Your bridesmaids can rock matching charm bracelets. If you’re looking for an elegant and more permanent gift, the next step up from a friendship bracelet is a metal bangle with custom engravings.  They go great with virtually any outfit and will really make your bridesmaids’ outfits pop during your big day.  Everyone loves a little wedding bling.


bridal tribe bridesmaids


No matter what gift you you decide to share with your bridesmaids they will always remember that you chose them for this special milestone. Feel free to visit our featured shops for gift ideas.

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