Bridal Diary


New York-based Bridal Magazine is looking for guest bride bloggers to share their journey to the alter with other brides. If you would like to submit content for consideration please send email to Please put “Bridal Diary” in the subject box.

Choose a topic from our list and select an experience to share.

Finding a Wedding Planner

Choosing The Wedding Dress

Maid of Honor Drama

What Will I Do With My Hair

Meet The Parents

Pre-Marital Counseling

Sex, To Wait or Not To Wait

My Mom Is The Best!

and more. Feel free to suggest a topic that you would like to share.


In 300 words or less Briefly describe what happens in the experience. Describe the who, what, when, where, and how of the experience. Describe the feelings, perceptions and thoughts you experienced during the event.

1. Decide what two main points you wish to get across.


2. Submissions using profane language will not be posted.


Submit a photo of you and your Husband or husband to be to go with your entry. If you choose to remain anonymous a filler photo will be added to your submission.

Our Mission

BRIDAL TRIBE is a company devoted to spreading love. From helping couples of color plan and pull off a memorable wedding day and survive their subsequent journey of marriage. We are especially interested in promoting collaboration and growth among unique small businesses, our passion is building positive, lasting relationships. From the Ring to the Dress and Through the Vows, We Are Devoted To Love.