Bridal Shower

One of the many important parties which a bride gets to enjoy en route to her wedding is her bridal shower. It’s a party where all of her friends gather to give her gifts, enjoy amazing food and drinks, and dance to lively music.

First, select a theme for your bridal shower and let your friends know about it, The theme sets the tone of what you will wear, the catering, the venue, and other important elements.

Apart from the theme, there are a few other things you can do for a memorable bridal shower. We share a few of them below:

Creative Invitations

First, take great care to create invitation cards, these reveal the taste and style of your party. Fun creative invitations make for splendid keepsakes for the bride to be and her new family. She will treasure the memory every time she looks into her photo albums.


bridal shower

Floral Decorations

The second thing which needs your attention is decorations at your event. A well-decorated venue transforms the space and carries your guests into the spirit of the party theme. When called for, floral decorations at the entrance and around the sitting area are a great touch, or you can use candles to enhance the whole setup.

Catchy Menu Cards

Another thing which you should consider is menu cards. Make sure you have hired a competent catering service and that their food comes in variety of flavors and cultures that meet everyone’s dietary needs. Make a note when you have included vegan or vegetarian fare or to let your guests know if nuts were used to prepare any dishes.

bridal shower

  Cocktail Bar and Signature Drinks

If you haven’t hired a bar with a bartender making mouth-watering cocktails for your friends then you will miss out on a huge opportunity to really personalize the experience and add a unique twist. A signature drink with a fun name always gets the party started. You don’t have to hire a bartender if one is not needed. Set up the station yourself and let the girls pour to their hearts and taste buds content.

bridal shower


 Fun games to get engaged

Games are a crucial part of your bridal shower. Once you are done with food and exchanging gifts, then comes the time when you need to play games with your friends. Think of several games which you can play inside the venue, so that you won’t have to think of them at the last moment. We’ve shared some great game ideas on our bridal shower Pinterest board.

  Bridal Shower

Favors and Candies

Favors and candies are always welcomed by everyone. Make sure they are tasty and unique to the brides personality and that you have enough supply for you and your friends to take home.

bridal shower


Lastly, hire a DJ or use your favorite playlist of songs so you and your girls can let loose and groove to beats of the music. You can also practice your wedding day dance with your friends at your bridal shower to surprise your groom.

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