Every bride should enter her marriage armed and prepared with something borrowed. We've added happy wife wisdom to that list of things and no worries it will not make you blue.  We spoke with Marcilla Haslett, owner of Latres Lingerie and what she shares will take you from honeymoon flight to cozy spent nights at home with your love.  Prepare to take your trousseau journal from bride to wife.


Bride Trousseau


What are your favorite perfumes and lotions? What fragrances does your new spouse like on you? It never hurts to have a few different fragrances in your trousseau. I suggest something elegant like, Leila Lou by Rose Jane, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, AERIN Evening Rose and you can never go wrong with Chanel No. 5. While traveling on your honeymoon, a bride should have little things handy in her carry on travel bag. Such hand towels, toothbrush, cotton wipes, pens organizer etc.


Luggage is a great gift for new couples. If you are not gifted with them invest in a carry on, tote  or suit bag they are perfect for trips around the world or just short getaways together. One of my favorite pieces of luggage is Goyard. Valextra and Tumi also have a variety of styles at different price points.


New bed linen for your 1st night home from your honeymoon or ceremony is essential. Mix fun casual linen brands like ABC and H.D. Buttercup or Society, and if you want something a bit more elegant try Egyptian Giza cotton sheets. Never underestimate the versatility of candles. They double for romantic dinners and energy savers for new couples starting out on a budget. Be sure to stock up on your favorite candles but also be adventurous, choose a new scent together. Men and women are loving the woodsy scents these days.


Choose elegant books with home comforts inside. Couples can always use a go to resource for how to entertain, remove stains, or care for a new home. You’re entering a new life journey so you want your new home to feel like home for the two of you.


Now we get to the fun part.It is a must for a bride to have a nice piece of designer lingerie packed. Don’t wait to the last minute and don’t expect to get that signature set from your bridal shower. Start shopping early in your wedding planning process.  You want quality, tasteful but sexy pieces that you will be able to keep,  look back on, and wear again.


Bride Trousseau

Add something vintage to your collection. Maybe a silk scarf that belonged to your mother. Purchase a nice timeless dress that you can wear years from now on a special holiday or anniversary. Maybe a nice silk slip that can be worn out. Many brides purchase silk slips for their honeymoon vacation. Tylynn Nguyen has beautiful slip designs. So remember dear brides to not only prepare for your honeymoon destination but for your journey as  husband and wife living together in a home you design.

*Speaking of vintage be sure to properly store tablecloths or bed linen passed down to you.

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