Building Your First Wedding Fashion Capsule

bridal tribe fashion capsule

The dapper gentlemen of the world can’t be caught at a wedding looking like they just showed up off the street and have to deal with the infuriating ID’ing while at a loved one’s reception.  But, in the same breath, it can be hard to stay fashionable while attending multiple weddings within the same year.

If you weren’t aware, this problem of having outfits on-hand whenever a special occasion crops up has already been solved by the fashion world.  Women have been creating fashion capsules to keep a wide variety of outfits available, but saving space, time, and money by organising them into a set, or capsule, that can be pulled anytime from your concert and be ready to go for the next special occasion.

Start thinking about your favorite styles to wear, toss them into a pile on your bed.  It all begins with chaos, but it all will end with organization.  You don’t need to go out and buy new clothes, yet.

1. Separate the Best

We all have our favorite clothes to wear, so start separating those and putting them to the side first.  If you’re wishy-washy about certain pieces, then you can put them into a pile, just don’t spend all your time thinking about which ones are your favorites and ranking them.

Next, move onto your accessories, shoes, and jewelry.  Start building outfits with them using your favorite clothes and figure out how many outfits you can make out of them using different combinations.

bridal tribe fashion capsule

2. Purge Excess

Remember, this is for your wedding capsule only, so any duplicates should either go back into the closet or be donated away.  This is an important step in capsule creation.  You should not grow attached to one pair of pants and own three of them “just in case”.  Nope, if you happen to ruin a pair at a wedding, you just replace them with something else.  See how simple things work when you have a plan and purpose?

3. Organize and Store

If you’ve only managed to make two or three outfits that are unique, just buy enough new clothes items to make it easy for you to store your little wedding fashion capsule away into your closet.  This process is just as much about organizing your everyday clothes from your wardrobe capsule.  So, ideally, you should compartmentalize your everyday clothes into separate partitions in your closet.

Don’t split your capsule into different locations, it defeats the whole purpose of being able to grab your outfits, quickly identify everything and eliminating poor last-minute decisions or the temptation of wearing your wedding attire for normal occasions.

Once you’ve used up all your looks in your wedding capsule, you can rotate in some new clothes and keep updating your capsule every year or so, depending on how often you find yourself at weddings.  This state of constant organization keeps your style fresh, your wallet full (from not having excess clothes laying around), and your closet mobile, as you can grab your capsule and go anywhere.


bridal tribe fashion capsule