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Today’s weddings are far from cookie cutter. Couples are personalizing their wedding in far more unique ways than we have seen in the past. We can find those touches in details such as wedding cakes, favors, and even the bridal party wedding dance.You will find most of these personal expressions at the wedding reception. Before the couple arrives the wedding cake is usually the main focus as you enter the reception hall.

If the goal is to get oohs and aahs as a reaction from your wedding guests then a custom wedding cake is the way to go. Choosing a wedding cake that will cause that kind of impression is a challenge, especially with the wide selection of designs, styles, colors, and flavors.

Choosing the perfect wedding cake for you

One of the first things to consider is size. How big do you want your wedding cake? The size is very important since it should be big enough to serve all your guests and any additional guests that might show up unexpectedly. Once you have that figured out, how do you want the shape of your wedding cake to be? Are you going for a traditional round shaped cake or a modern cake? With so many creative ways of shaping a cake, this might take some hard thinking but it’s well worth it, right?

It is mind boggling to see all the possibilities there are to designing a wedding cake. (these people are TALENTED!) Well we asked Andrea Weithers of Sweet Details ATL to share some of her wedding cake inspirations and process to make these artistic master pieces.

From The Designer

This design is called the Beaded Ruffle Cake. I drew my inspiration for this cake from some of the beautiful couture bridal gowns that I see. Incorporating a range of textures and patterns while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, the straight lines of the beaded tier coupled with the silver leaf lattice pattern are modern and elegant while the ruffles add a feminine touch to the design as well as a bit of whimsy. Perfect for an elegant wedding with the city skyline as it's backdrop.

wedding cake bridal tribe sweet details


This design is called the Southern Belle. I wanted to design a cake that reflected the opulence of some of the big old homes here in the South. From the gold gilded moldings and the toile scene to the soft buttery hue, this cake exudes Southern Charm.


wedding cake bridal tribe sweet details toile

bridal tribe wedding cake sweet details floral

Once you are set and made up your mind of the perfect wedding cake for you and your love, go to your favorite bakery or set up an appointment. Be sure to ask about their prices, designs and bring your own design inspiration. Be as detailed as possible about how you want your cake to look because its your day and your wedding cake should be the 2nd thing the spotlight.