We love to share fashion inspiration that can move you through every wedding event you might attend. Since engagement season is here, having your wedding season fashion capsule ready and set to go will serve up maximum style when ever you step into the party celebration. Designer Esther Ihezie has created a collection called The Essentials. Here is what she says about her designs, "The Ezie woman is timeless, she is not afraid to be different while looking effortlessly chic".

From the designer 

I love vintage styles, particularly the 1960's epoch and was thoroughly obsessed with Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and more. These women were all style icons from the '60’s and embodied grace and style while celebrating their femininity. Whilst styles from this era were modest, they remain timeless and exuded a sex appeal that is both alluring and sophisticated, something that gave me inspiration and was important for me to encapsulate with these pieces.

The Ezie Romper is an all season fashion staple favorite. Its style and versatility packs in a punch whilst remaining modest and effortless chic. This piece makes a classy yet unorthodox fashionable inspiration choice.

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The Lady Diana Dress is exactly that; it’s for that lady who wishes to make a demure entrance. The bow, which can be created with the ribbons at the back, allows for a flirty fun exit. 
The Office Dame dress is certainly one of my favorites. The flowy top paired with a curve hugging bottom creates a silhouette that is demure. A beautiful blend of risqué meets elegant chic. Don't you just love it!
Tapping and exploring a youthful innocence, the Daisy dress with free flowing pleats allows for a gracious and carefree movement favoring a mid summer's day with intents to dance the night away.
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Learn more about this designer and the Ezie woman visit her website. Need more ideas? visit our designer cocktail and couture suggestions for signature looks and drinks.