Hire A Wardrobe Stylist

It is almost that time of season where you have to find some fabulous looks for the plethora of wedding invites that are coming down the pipeline from your friends and family . Sometimes it is difficult to find pieces in your wardrobe that you have not worn in the last few months to present a fabulous look at these weddings. So, I have created a few wedding capsules that will give you some ideas where you can get some great pieces to mix and match throughout the wedding season.

If you are attempting to create your first wedding fashion capsule, you might feel overwhelmed by the task at-hand.  There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into a successful fashion capsule.  Wedding capsules, in particular, can prove to be fairly difficult to plan out if you don’t have a lot of experience with wedding fashion.  Here are seven reasons why you should hire a stylist to take care of your wishes.

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Realize your Ideal Image

Sometimes it’s hard to express ourselves and struggle to materialize our thoughts and ideas into accurate representations of our ideal image.  A wardrobe stylist can pick your brain and figure out what you’re thinking much easier because they are used to seeing and doing a lot of wedding styling.


Valuable even with just 1 Session

You don’t need to hire a personal stylist for every wedding or every time you want to update your fashion capsule.  They can provide you enough of an idea about what types of styles best suit you and then you can apply that towards future fashion ideas.

wardrobe stylist bridal tribe

Can Save you Money

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding fashion stylist can actually save you money.  The upfront cost of hiring a professional stylist is well worth the investment if you end up finding clothes that will last you a long time and that will pair with various outfits, maximizing your wedding fashion capsule’s flexibility.


Fashion Advice that breaks Barriers

A professional stylist is trained to work with all body types, ages, and personalities.  It is their job to make the client comfortable and satisfied with their image.  This means having the knowledge to pair the right outfits with each individual, rather than follow some rigid fashion magazine’s advice of what is hot and what is not.


Killer Confidence

Once you’ve put together a strong wedding fashion capsule with the help of a wardrobe stylist, you can show up to any wedding with the confidence and preparation that is not normally experienced, especially in a highly emotional and normally chaotic setting.  If you look great you feel great and you have a much more memorable time with those you love.

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Start a New Trend

A wedding fashion capsule allows you the opportunity to be bold, be confident, and be stylish outside of your usual way of thinking.  With a stylist, you can turn some heads and show off a different side of yourself.  Who knows, maybe this wardrobe change could lead to a new and fun adventurous side that laid dormant inside you all of these years?


Save Time and Energy

A stylist saves you a lot of time shopping, consolidating, procrastinating, and thinking about how you’re going to use this wedding fashion capsule.  You will be less likely to second guess your decisions or weigh yourself down with too much clothes, defeating the whole purpose of the wedding capsule in the first place.

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Wardrobe StylistKatrina Lee-Jones, MBA is the President and Creative Fashion Director, of Styles By Katrina. Katrina has been gifted with a keen eye for fashion that enables her to transform her personal clients as well as characters in Film/TV. Katrina has worked for numerous retail companies from Neiman Marcus to United Colors of Benetton. Connect with her through social media at Twitter:@stylesbykatrina FB: Styles By Katrina Instagram:@stylesbykatrina. Follow her boards on Polyvore