The Top Five Unforgettable Places To Propose

Planning to propose to your special someone? Here are the top five places to propose to make that proposal romantic, momentous, and memorable.   1. Propose where you first met. Whether you met each other at school, at work, at the bus stop, the library, an... read more

7 Ways To Set The Tone for Your Bridal Shower Celebration

One of the many important parties which a bride gets to enjoy en route to her wedding is her bridal shower. It’s a party where all of her friends gather to give her gifts, enjoy amazing food and drinks, and dance to lively music. First, select a theme for your bridal... read more

Nurit Hen at New York International Bridal Week

Nurit Hen Couture is a top Israeli wedding gown designer that has been in the bridal market for over 30 years and has bridal stores all over the world. We visited her team at the New York International Bridal Week today to get a glimpse of their new Ivory and White... read more

Chrisette Michelle Is In Love And Engaged!!

If you are in Love and engaged then you know songs like Epiphany, Golden, and our latest favorite by Chrisette, A Couple Of Forever's. Well today, R&B songstress Chrisette Michele announced that she’s engaged to producer Doug Ellison! We are so happy for this... read more

Jennifer Behr Bridal Accessories

Jennifer Behr Bridal Accessories at bridal fashion week were gorgeous. You can always choose to wear a traditional veil but that does not mean you can't have fun shopping for something lovely, chic and just a little over the top beautiful. Choosing the right accessory... read more

Bridal Fashion Week Lingerie with Shibue Couture

Bridal Fashion Week is our favorite time of year. We get to surround ourselves with beautiful gowns, gorgeous shoes, and accessories to die for. This year we came across a new favorite in revolutionary bridal lingerie. We talked with entrepreneur and designer Jenny... read more

Fashion Forward – Lexi Clothing

Update your look with these modern designs from Australia's Lexi Clothing. Great design and a modern approach to production allow Lexi Clothing to create flattering garments that are current and accessible. This 'Venus Mesh Bodysuit' consists of a strong/stretchy...

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