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Would you rather have romance or Intimacy? Truth be told couples can join both and make their special someone feel extra special by showing a little bit of hands on attention. We spoke with creator of Taitus Botanical’s Montez Teferi about ways to use aromatherapy to ignite your night! Get ready to whisper sweet everything's, and show hours of tender desire that you both deserve.

Make Yourself Ready 

Couples can prepare for a night of romance and forget the stress of the day by preparing a bath for yourself and your lover. Add a few drops of pure essential oil, or use body oil in a relaxing scent like lavender or nag champa.


Create a soothing ambiance by adding a few drops of essential oil to an oil burner. Your room will smell divine!

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Between The Sheets

Scented sheets make for sensual nights and restful sleep. Add a few drops of lavender or rose essential oils to a spray bottle of water and lightly mist your sheets.

Light the Way

Candles create soft lighting and a pleasing scent for your romantic evening in Sensual or Sandalwood fragrances.

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Treat your lover to a massage

Use body oil in an alluring scent like Vanilla or Cherry Blossom. Start with a dual foot massage in the bath to relax, and don't forget to be attentive to the shoulders and back where we hold most of our stress. Take your time, remember your lover's needs, and you won't be able to resist each other!

Once you have set the scene, add your favorite music, pull out all the stops to make a night or weekend to remember.


Taitus Botanicals

Montez Tafari is owner and creator of Taitus Botanicals. Inspired by Ethiopia Taitu's Botanicals is an herbal body care line selling deluxe, natural body care, health and wellness products.