Bridal Tribe is introducing a new concept every month on our Instagram page to help with unique and beautiful ideas for sweets that will make your wedding events a personalized experience in every single way imaginable, down to the food. We search the internet high and low for unique ideas for cakes and sweets, it’s what some people call Cakestagram, as in Instagram of cakes.

This week on #SweetsWeek:

We are looking at some breath taking cupcake Ideas that can be used instead of the traditional cake or as a small desert or souvenir for your guests. 

Look at some of these ideas we found for you:










bridal cupcakes









As you can see these cupcake ideas from @roxsysdelights are both very elegant and unique, the great part about cupcakes is that most people would think of cupcakes at a wedding to be something simple and sweet, but as you can see with the right kind of design and ideas, cupcakes can be not only tasty but also incredibly tasteful and elegant.

bridal tribe cupcakes bridal tribe sweets









Also some of these Ideas look less like conventional cupcakes and more like genuine works of art, such is the case for this stunning arrangement by @temptasionscakez which is the highlight of this week’s edition of #SweetsWeek

bridal tribe sweets week bridal tribe sweets

















So beautiful that you almost don’t even want to eat them, a design such as this would truly make the idea of cupcakes for your wedding a great one.

Making every part of your celebration of love the once in a lifetime experience you want it to be down to the last detail.

We search Cakestragram so you don’t have to…

We spend hours searching the Internet for amazing ideas for cakes and sweets so you can focus all of your energy on other things, just come to our website or follow us on social media to get the latest and greatest ideas for your wedding.

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This is just one of the things we do to help you plan your wedding down to the very last detail.

Come back next month for more breath taking ideas for your wedding on #SweetsWeek and we will show you some of the most gorgeous ideas for cakes and sweets you can use to make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

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