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This month we chat with Celebrity nutritionist Lisa DeFazio who shares food and lifestyle tips from her new book The Women's Health Big Book of Smoothies & Soups. Planning a wedding can thrust any bride to be into a whirlwind of parties, planning activities, and sleepless nights, leaving her immune system and wedding fitness goals a bit compromised. Maintaining healthy eating habits and a consistent work out schedule is challenging enough but with the right tools and support system you will be able to keep your energy up and your weight down. 

What are some food and lifestyle tips spring brides should know for staying healthy leading up to a wedding in the midst of the flu "season"?

LD: load up on Vitamin C! Drink orange juice, take a multivitamin, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with smoothies and salads. Always wash hands throughout the day especially when out at malls, gyms, grocery stores and restaurants. Eat well balanced meals and don't go on a starvation diet- it weakens your immune system!

Any good healthy ways to lose a couple of pounds and 'maintain the weight'?

LD: Yes, add Soups, smoothies and salads to your meal plan. For breakfast have a protein smoothie, make lunch a big salad with grilled chicken, vegetables, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette, and for dinner have vegetable soup, salmon, brown rice or sweet potato. After 1 week you will lose weight-I promise!

Some brides want to lose a small amount of weight in order to be healthy and look better in their wedding dress and feel better overall?

LD: Follow the menu above and walk 30 minutes 5 times/week to see results.

Can you share some fit tips brides can continue not just for the wedding day but for life with their future husband?

LD: go to the market often so your kitchen is stocked with healthy food. Don't eat out too often, cook at home, exercise together, and don't keep a lot of junk food in the house. If your weight starts increasing more than you want, cut back on calories right away and exercise! Don't wait until you gain 30 or 50 pounds!

How can a bride to be incorporate improved eating habits that save time?

LD: Buy pre-cut, pre-washed vegetables.On the weekend cook extra so you have leftovers to take with you to work during the week. Click To Tweet
Research healthy take out places to grab dinner after work if you are short on cooking time. If you both work, cook together!

The tips Lisa has shared will have you gliding down the aisle to your love with renewed energy, and onto your new life armed with everything you need to keep you both healthy and on track through each milestone.


Celebrity Nutritionist Lisa DeFazio

Lisa DeFazio is a healthy lifestyle expert, nutritionist and host.  Lisa has become the go-to diet and lifestyle expert for numerous media outlets such as Redbook, Details, Us Weekly, Star, OK! Magazine,, Celebuzz, Perez Hilton’s websites, Shape, and many more. Lisa has been a featured on air expert for ABC, CBS, FOX, KCAL, KTLA, TV Guide Network, The Daily Buzz, The Home Shopping Channel, KFWB 980 News Talk Radio, KABC Talk Radio and more.