How To Create A Wedding Fashion Capsule

Women spend a lot of time and money on fashion preparing for that big day, even if it isn’t their wedding day.  Picking out dresses, make-up, jewelry, accessories, and shoes is no simple ordeal.  The last thing you want to happen is to show up in an outfit that has been seen by half the guests already or to be in one that has obviously been through some tough times.

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You don’t have to spend ungodly amounts of money to show up to multiple weddings every year in a stylish and fresh new ensemble. What you really need is a superior way to consolidate and organize your wardrobe by using a wedding fashion capsule. Invented by wealthy fashion moguls and aficionados, wardrobe capsules were created to allow for easy access to favorite outfits, but are now the new craze for those who want to make the most with what they have.

Creating Your Wedding Capsule

Going through your closet and picking outfits out can be a challenge, but if you want to really trim the fat and make it to wedding events in style, you’ll need to trust the system and detox your wardrobe, essentially.  You’ll begin by throwing everything onto your bed or floor, if it is clean.

Pick and Choose  

Okay, easier said than done, but this whole wedding capsule idea relies on your ability to create as many outfits with your wedding-appropriate clothes as you can, while keeping the number of items down to a few dozen or so.  This means you should really only have maybe 5 or 6 dresses, max, some non-traditional tops/bottoms, and the rest of the items you pick out accessories and shoes to pair up.

bridal tribe wedding event fashion capsule

While you’ve got your favorite wedding outfits laid out, you need to be thinking about the extra clothes that you’ve either already got an equivalent of or exact copy of and consider removing them from your collection.  Your wedding fashion capsule needs to consist of individual pieces that are capable of mixing and matching with other pieces.  This means that you should not be holding onto excess clothes and consider either putting them into another fashion capsule, giving them away, or donating them to charity.

Just get through building your wardrobe capsule and you’ll finally be at peace with how light and compact your whole closet is, but you didn’t actually make any real sacrifices in the number of cute, sexy, and unique outfits that you can wear.  You don’t need a different dress for every wedding you attend, you just need to present yourself in a fresh and memorable way, and the dress should never be the only piece that matters if you care about fashion.

bridal tribe wedding event fashion capsule

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After you’ve gotten into the groove of living the fashion capsule life, you’ll want your entire wardrobe to be as flexible and powerful as the one for weddings and special occasions.  This makes traveling so much easier, last minute, and spontaneous decisions fearless, so embrace change and do more of it with this capsule lifestyle.