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If you’ve been trying to figure out where to go for wedding help after deciding you just couldn’t plan your own wedding throw your arms up and scream for joy.  We’ve discovered the answer to DIY or plan and cry!  Weddings in a Box is a Bridge Collection designed by Weddings by MWD Lifestyles for couples who want a beautifully designed and produced wedding at a fraction of the cost.  If you are anything like us you’re squealing in delight with ears poised.  Corporate couples, this means you.  Global citizens planning on multi-continent nuptials, this is right up your alley.  Farm-to-table conscious couples that are too busy with philanthropic endeavors to stop your life and plan for an eternity, your answer just showed up.


With the Bridge Collection, exclusively available through Weddings by MWD Lifestyles, couples can choose from the Silver Box, the Gold Box, the Platinum Box and the Luxe Box.  Now that you have the resource that will save your budget and ensure spending goes where it should, to fund that honeymoon and dream house, all you have to do is brief the Weddings by MWD Lifestyles team on the color you’ve chosen, what style and theme you’ve decided on and you will have a professionally produced wedding by a seasoned team.  Here’s our favorite part, this is nearly the same cost for couples who decide to brave the DIY waters.

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The Platinum Wedding


After 17 years in the upscale wedding industry Marc Wilson, the founder of Weddings by MWD Lifestyles and chief creative director, understands that couples today value freedom and joy through all stages of wedding producing.  He treats the entire Bridge Collection the same as he does for his celebrity clientele.  Weddings by MWD Lifestyles doesn’t offer less service.


Our Wedding in a Box Bridge Collection is designed for contemporary couples who are reimagining the planning and production of their wedding.  We think couples today want an elegant style, but with today's fast paced life they also value freedom and minimizing the anxiety excessive planning can cause.  Our Silver, Gold, Platinum and Luxe Boxes leave something for everyone and are a great option for couples on-the-go and living life to the fullest, without losing those moments that last a life time.


Years ago, weddings were targeted to a narrower group of couples.  Today there are unique social sub-categories of couples that command new, contemporary style options for weddings because they are interested in adding their own traditions in with conventional options.  This is especially true for people being married the second time around, eco inspired couples heavily involved with philanthropy and those who will have nuptials on multiple continents.  Weddings by MWD Lifestyles is about style.

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We’d say the equivalent to catching the bouquet after a ceremony is that Weddings by MWD Lifestyles doesn’t offer less service.  This means you can officially stop feeling frustrated and indecisive about what to do to create a memorable day.  Keep a keen eye on your budget but spend where you need to and, by all means.  Hire a pro you’ll be glad you did.