Contributing Writers Wanted

New York-based Bridal Magazine is looking for guest bloggers & contributing writers. Please submit past published content for review to Please put “Contributing Writer” in the subject box.

We are expanding our online content hub to bring entertaining content on weddings and marriages to an ever-expanding global audience.

If you are a creative writer with a passion for writing about our topics, collaborate with the managing editor to create newsworthy, dynamic, and engaging content on behalf of Bridal Tribe
* Develop various kinds of content, including, but not limited to:
* Articles or slideshows
* Pieces on current wedding events
* Interviews with couples or wedding industry pros
* Create content that will inspire and engage both new and existing audiences via and social media
* Provide content that is ready for posting. Copy should be fully copyedited and include a meta description, keywords, and free tags
* On alignment with Bridal Tribes visions, goals and core values

Our Mission

BRIDAL TRIBE is a company devoted to spreading love. From helping couples of color plan and pull off a memorable wedding day and survive their subsequent journey of marriage. We are especially interested in promoting collaboration and growth among unique small businesses, our passion is building positive, lasting relationships. From the Ring to the Dress and Through the Vows, We Are Devoted To Love.

We are looking for writers with some experience or knowledge in specific subjects. These include Weddings, Beauty, Finance, Family & Relationships, Fitness, Home Design, Nutrition, Parenting, Women and Men’s Fashion Style, and Travel, Photography, Event Planning, Green Weddings.

Please read the following guest posting guidelines.


One of the great things about guest posting on other people’s blogs is that

we have the opportunity to cross-promote one another on the various social

media platforms. It is important that you are following me on Twitter and

Facebook so that I can help promote you properly.


Please take a moment before proceeding to ensure we are connected:







Your post must fit the theme and topic being requested. Your post can not

be an advertisement for your product/service or the equivalent of a

sponsored post.



1. Your post should be at least 400 words long and no more than 800.


2. At the end of your post, please include a 2-3 sentence biography

section. You may provide up to three byline links: one for your blog or

website, one for your bio or 'about' page, and one for a social media

outlet of your choice (optional).


3. You should include at least 5 tag/keywords you would like me to use

when publishing your blog. (These are words people search to find your

post - the more specific the better.)


4. Please include FOUR relevant images. All images should be landscape in

orientation and be at least 312 x 250 pixels or larger in size. The image should be

submitted in .jpeg format and must be your original work or retrieved

from a royalty-free site. (In other words, please do not send a protected





1. We may provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post to provide context or the rationale as to why I think the post is important. We will make sure that our comments are set off from yours stylistically, so that our readers are clear that these are ours and not yours.



We understand the work that it takes to write a blog post. Submission doesn’t mean the post will be published. The only guest posts we will publish are those that our sole judgment add value to my readers. You will be notified via email when your post goes live.



If your post meets the above guidelines, please submit in the following


1. Please email your post for consideration You may email to

2. Please include the post in the body of the e-mail. DO NOT include it as

an attachment. Also, please do not include HTML coding.

3. Please make sure you have included the image and tags following the

guidelines above.

4. In the text of your email, please include the link to your Facebook page

and Twitter pages. This will help me promote your blog post!!

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