Radiant Orchid is a luscious shade of pinkish-purple and it will be making a splash over the fashion, beauty, weddings and home décor markets across the world. By adding as an accent color, or featuring it as the main attraction, Radiant Orchid will definitely make a statement. This isn't your old fashioned baby pastel color; this color has sass and class.

For a trendy look, use Radiant Orchid on your nails. Choose a rich creamy version of this shade. Lips will look lovely with a crème lipstick or tinted gloss in this color. By pairing simple make-up with a handbag and shoes in Radiant Orchid, you will look put together and stylish, but not overwhelming.

















The upcoming weddings in 2014 will have bouquets and centerpieces filled with gorgeous orchids in this color. Also table linens and chair covers will be a popular way to feature Radiant Orchid at a wedding reception or formal party. Some of the latest engagement rings also feature diamonds that are dyed in this stunning color. Many other stones in this shade are also available in casual or trendy styles.



















Using this color in the home can add a brand new feel. Try painting an accent wall in Radiant Orchid and adding throw pillows to match. Adding a large area rug in this color is also a great way to bring some brightness into the room. If you want to spruce up your bedroom, add a new comforter or duvet cover in this incredible hue.


Pairing Radiant Orchid with greens, yellows and blues, gives an eye pleasing combination. This color also looks favorable on all skin tones, since it has both warm and cool undertones. From cosmetics, floral, home décor, weddings and fashion, this color has already made a big hit. The choices of use are limitless, so enjoy playing around with this fun and feminine shade in the upcoming year!



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