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Actress Christine Horn recently gave us a peek into her beauty routine. From her glowing skin to her great hair, we wanted to know how she does it all.

Bridal Tribe: Tell us about how you feel about your beauty routine. Is it something that you view as a hassle, or something that you enjoy doing?

Christine: Ever since I was a little girl, I loved playing in makeup. I would rummage through my mother’s makeup collection while she was at work and dress up in her clothes and heels. Professional makeup artistry was not in the cards for me, but even as I got older I knew that I loved the way makeup made me feel.
As an actress, I could transform myself into different characters with new makeup or new hair and clothes. When I became a professional actress and was required to wear makeup all the time however, I saw the toll that it could take on my skin. From then on I knew I had to find a beauty regimen that would keep my skin looking healthy and youthful.

Bridal Tribe: So tell us more about your skin type, and what you do to maintain healthy skin.

Christine: Without tooting my own horn (no pun intended), I get so many compliments when I walk into the makeup trailer to shoot a film or TV show. Makeup artists always ask me what my secret to clear skin is. I must say that one of the biggest contributors to my skin is my diet. I don’t eat meat or dairy and I personally believe that has a lot to do with the texture and tone of my skin. Without harmful hormones and chemicals constantly going into my body, my skin doesn’t have to fight against as much as some other people.
In addition to my diet, I’ve gotten better over the years with washing my face with gentle cleansers that will get all the dirt off my face. My favorite daily face wash is “Checks and Balances” by Origins. It’s a frothy face wash that feels pretty gentle. I love the fact that I only need a tiny dollop to the trick.
Once a week I will do some serious exfoliating by using a clay mask to do some deep cleaning. My two favorite products to use are “Clear Improvement” by Origins and “100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay.” Pretty much anything with clay in it will win me over. I love the feeling of my face tightening up!

Bridal Tribe: So your hair is gorgeous! Please share with our audience what you do to keep it looking so great.

Christine: As an African-American woman with natural hair, I’ve learned that moisture is key. There’s nothing worse that having split ends and dry hair! I think that goes for everyone. I’m a fan of the “less is more” route when it comes to my hair. I love to co-wash my hair (I wash it only with conditioner…no shampoo) with Queen Helene’s “Olive Oil Moisturizing Conditioner.” After I wash it, I use a light leave-in conditioner by Beautiful Curls, called “Curly to Kinky.” All the ingredients are “fair-trade” and contain shea butter and coconut oil. In between washes, I usually just spray my hair with a vegetable glycerin, olive oil and water mixture. That keeps my hair feeling soft and healthy.

Bridal Tribe: So any last bit of advice for our readers?

Christine: I will say this, I think the most important thing I do in regards to my beauty routine is to drink a lot of water. Many people don’t realize how much water has an effect on their bodies. It helps to hydrate all of our cells, which helps us stay healthy inside and out.


You may have seen Christine in a recent episode of Reckless on CBS. She is a health advocate, a coach and a performer. For more about Christine, go to

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