Coco T talked with Bridal Tribe Editor in Chief Cynthia Williamston about her 14 year marriage to Ice T,  The Ice & Coco talk show that will air on Fox day time television, and her new "Cocolicious" pleasure products by California Exotics. Here is part 2 of her wonderful advice:


BT: Love Language has become the talking trend for happily married couples. When it comes to your marriage, what is your love language?  How do you and Ice T bond? What is your favorite way to bond?

Coco: Ice and me are so fast paced and moving around and travelling that our bond is at night when we have the dogs and we all gpiled up in the bed together. We watch our DVR selections for three hours. That’s how we rest at night, we cuddle and this is along with the kids, we call the dogs our kids.  You know, we all kind of just get in the bed and hang out and that’s really our bonding time because not only do we watch TV, but we talk about what’s going on on TV.

It is a conversation throughout the night.  So, it’s really cute and what I like to do is I get into something cute, maybe some booty shorts and some heels, so when we’re laying in bed, I can look cute for him, so he’s not thinking we’re just kind of vegetable.  I’m not wearing some big sleeping bag pajamas, I still try to look cute and at the same time,  we’re doing something  low key.


What I know about him is that he doesn’t like lingerie.  He sees me in lingerie a lot because I’m constantly doing photo shoots, so it’s not a big deal to him.  I’ve dressed in so many different lingerie looks, it's not a big deal because then I bring it to the house so it's just like I’m in a photo shoot. I know what he likes is a good nice pair of high heels and some booty shorts, that’s lingerie for him. It is what he likes to see me wear.

BT: You have a talk show coming up, “Ice and Coco”.   Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Coco: Yes, we were picked up by The Fox Network.  It’s a three-week test starting August 3rd and it is just Ice and Coco. If you watched our reality show, “Ice loves Coco”, it’s like the next version of that.  Instead of watching our life roaming around, not really doing much,  you can get to know us. The studio set will look like our apartment.  Everybody knows what our apartment looks like from the show, so you  look like you're entering our home and we’re going to sit down and chat.  We will have celebrity friends on there but it’s not going to be celebrity based. It will not be about gossip, we’re just going to have fun.  You are going to see the dogs on it.  You are going to see everybody you saw on “Ice Loves Coco”  on our talk show and we going to talk about life, relationships, love.

BT: Life, Relationships and love, is what we are about so we can't wait to see it.

Coco: Yes, it’s going to be great.  And you know what? It’s the first married interracial couple on a talk show ever, so we’re breaking barriers. We don’t have the time slots yet, but it’s going to start August 3rd. We will keep you posted.

We look forward to this new show and next level for Ice and Coco. Next week we share Coco's new business venture and sage advice for couples in business together. 

Stay Tuned and Stay Devoted To Love.





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