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Coco T talked with Bridal Tribe Editor in Chief Cynthia Williamston about her 14 year marriage to Ice T,  The Ice & Coco talk show that will air on Fox day time television, and her new "Cocolicious" pleasure products by California Exotics. Here is a partial transcript of that interview below.

BT: I am very excited to be speaking to you about the subject of marriage.  There are plenty of couples who  would like to have guidance. What advice would you give about marriage bonds, boundaries, and beliefs?

Coco: Well, when it comes to marriage beliefs, I believe a lot of men like to marry women in hopes they won’t change, and women marry men in hopes to change them. You can’t abide by that whatsoever. I think people will relate to what I just said because, men love women for who they are when they first meet, and they say things like “Oh, I hope she’s stays like that, I hope she doesn't turn into a mom, and the world will be peaches and cream.”

Women say, “Well, I love him, but there are some faults that he has that I can change if I get married to him.” It really is like women are from Venus and men are from Mars. They are completely opposite. What Ice and I do is that we don’t try to change each other at all. From the moment he met me, I have not changed a bit and the same goes for him.

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BT: After 14 years of marriage what relationship advice do you have to help our readers answer the question, Are You Ready For The Ring?

Coco: I really believe in not trying to change each other. If you have a fault before marriage, you need to speak about it right then. Don’t hold back and then get married because it will pan out and there will always be a problem. There are a lot of things you need to talk about before marriage. A lot of women just like the image of being married. They want to have that moment to wear the wedding dress like that’s more important than actually being with their husband for life.

We want that one day to get dolled up and feel like we’re important. That is alright, but before that happens, you have to discuss every nook and cranny of each other’s life before marriage. That’s what Ice and I did. We knew our faults before we got married, we knew them and we always want to carry each other until we change our faults, because if it bugs you and I love you, I am going to change for the best, but don’t hope to bring up faults after you get married. That’s the wrong thing to do.

BT: What would you say is the number one thing women should be aware of before going into marriage?


Coco: The number one thing that women do is hold grudges and we hold all negativity as baggage inside whether it was from an old ex or, a bad relationship. I have done it in the past. We continue through life with that luggage and we use it on the current person that we are with. You have to let that go because the next person is not the same. I constantly talk to myself. I’m a therapist for myself. I choose to really soul search and figure it out.

I know that I need to get rid of baggage because I love Ice. I don’t want to bring that baggage to him.

Stay tuned for more excerpts from our interview with Coco next week.



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