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If you have benefited from Bridal Tribe Magazine or any of our Resources such as Tribal Wisdom Radio, please rate and review us. Your feedback is important to us!

How to leave Feedback -

Please follow the simple instructions for the marketplace that you found your resource from.

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Tribal Wisdom Radio makes all of its past broadcasts available via podcast. These pod casts are available on our iTunes page. In order to leave a review you must go to our iTunes page, and click on the blue 'view in iTunes' button located on the left hand side of your screen. The device that you are on will take you to your iTunes account (you may have to sign in using your iTunes account credentials). There from your account you will see the following screen:


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Please click on the 'ratings and reviews' button, then give a star rating - 5 stars being the best - then click on 'write a review' a box will appear where you can leave helpful feedback for the iTunes community. Once you fill out the review form, click 'submit' and your review will be submitted to iTunes.

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