Heath Wiggins
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Heath Wiggins

Join us on February 11, 2015 at 9:30 PM EST as we speak with Heath Wiggins of 'His Leadership Her Trust' on Trusting Our Men to Lead.

With his roots in the Christian church, Heath learned that the bible teaches, and cultural norms affirm, that men should be taking on leadership roles in their relationships. It’s not that women can’t lead — nor is it that a woman shouldn’t lead. But it’s that men should know how and be able to lead too.

But just because the bibles says a man should be able to lead…doesn’t mean he knows how.

Heath's created the Family Bootcamp to deal with the broader issue of inspiring and empowering men with the knowledge and skills necessary to earn the trust of their woman and take on leadership roles in their relationships.

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Call in at 347-996-3160

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