9 Free Wedding Checklists

Ok, all your wedding plans are finally shaping up to how you like them, you’ve got the styles, itinerary, family and guest lists, food, and entertainment lined up.  The worst thing for you to do is wing it. We have created this growing list of wedding checklists so that you leave nothing unaccounted for. All you have to do is subscribe, print and pin to your wall. Better yet, they are perfect for your daily planner! Download what you need for the moment or all of the checklists. Sign up! It’s Free! Don’t Miss Out!!!

1. Invitations and stationery

At the very least, you should know who is and who isn’t attending, the same should be said for which invitations and stationery you have on-hand or have already mailed. Use this list to help plan the invites to your next event.

2. Fashion and wardrobe

A list that is easily lost in the madness known as wedding planning.  Get you and all the important members’ wardrobes squared-away with a simple checklist that helps tell you exactly what not to forget.

3. Flowers

Centerpieces, bouquets, and other flower decorations should not take a backseat or be subject to potential shortages. Have the exact bridal party participants’ flowers on your checklist for all to understand and check off.

4. Photography

Having a dedicated checklist for your photography needs is a great way to avoid poor wedding photos on and after your big day.  Use this opportunity to map out some of your “must-have” poses for your memories.

5. Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies seem pretty straightforward and simple, until something goes wrong.  A checklist may appear overboard or OCD, but it’s nice to have a peace-of-mind during such a life changing event.

6. Reception

This should be your time to relax and enjoy your new status as the Mrs., so make sure things are able to run smoothly on every little facet of the reception by making a checklist that can be reviewed by your coordinator or maid of honor.

7. Events

Planning your wedding around a host of bridal festivities can quickly feel out-of-hand if you don’t have a solid plan in-place.  Keep a checklist of the people, places, times, and avoid things like scheduling conflicts.

8. Beauty

Since make-up and dressing is such an integral part of a wedding, it only makes sense for you to have a checklist to take care of each stage of the beautifying process.  Hey, don’t forget, men could stand to benefit from a little beauty organization, too.

9. Gifts and Favors

Still deciding on gifts for the bridal party? If you have a large guest list and/or a lot of gifts and congratulatory favors, this checklist could be invaluable.  Nothing is worse than forgetting things that need to be in place.

Download the complete checklist and organize your wedding planning!.

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