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Thinking of eloping? Don’t leave your friends and family out in the cold.

There’s no denying the fact that these days, weddings are expensive. Given the exorbitant cost of a wedding, a ‘quickie wedding’ or a trip down to City Hall is becoming a more and more popular idea.

It’s not unusual to hear a weary bride cry "Let’s just elope!" from her pile of wedding magazines and fabric samples – and why not? The cost of an intimate wedding on a tropical island paradise is tens of thousands of dollars less than the traditional ceremony and catered reception.

That being said, before you decide to run away to a foreign country, or nip down to your local City Hall during your lunch break, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of eloping – after all, you don’t want to look back on your wedding day with any regrets.

You may ask yourself – ‘is eloping for you?’ The real question you may want to ask is – ‘how will eloping effect my friends and family?’

While confessing your unwavering love and commitment to your significant other may not feel like it’s anybody else’s business, that won’t change the fact that your nearest and dearest may feel slightly left out – even deceived! By coming back from a holiday with a wedding band on your finger, it’s hard for your parents, siblings and best friends not to feel as though they have been intentionally left out of a moment they hoped to celebrate with you.

At the end of the day, these people just want you to be happy, and by bringing home a video of your ceremony, you can ensure they feel like a part of your day.

This is where Australia’s latest wedding videography concept comes into play. Capture Your Moment is helping ensure brides on a budget get a wedding video that they can cherish, wherever they may be, without the hefty price tag.

The concept is simple – cut out the middle man. Dash doesn’t send a videographer along to weddings. Instead they courier 3 easy-to-use, HD cameras and a handy booklet full of tips and tricks on how to use them.

The footage is then passed on to a professional editor who creates a stunning highlights package to the song of the couple’s choice. Within weeks of the wedding, the couple receives a DVD and USB in the mail, both containing the Highlights Package and all the raw footage that was taken throughout the day.

“Being a wedding planner and speaking to lots of brides on a daily basis, I noticed a growing trend. As budgets get tighter, more and more wedding items get dropped off the list, and the first thing to go is always the videographer,” said Jackie, Director & Event Coordinator at Dash. “With that being said, after the big day is over, the biggest regret of most couples is not having a beautiful video to look back on. Photographs are of course a necessity, but nothing is quite like reliving the moment by watching it unfold on video!”

The Capture Your Moment package is hundreds of dollars cheaper than a traditional videographer and because there is no need

capture your moment
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for a videographer to attend, it is available Australia wide and internationally. It’s perfect for couples of a budget, couples who are unsure if they want a videographer, those who are eloping, or those who just want a more personal touch when it comes to their wedding video.

So when you make that all exciting decision to elope, make sure your family aren’t left out in the cold – bring them home a wonderful video so they can share in the fun and excitement.

Bio – DASH Event Management
DASH Event Management PTY LTD is an event planning and consulting company founded by a passionate event co-ordinator and wedding etiquette expert.
DASH are here to provide every bride her Happily Ever After, but recognise that today’s bride is busy, career driven and time poor. Often working on a budget, newly engaged women today simply lack the time to plan the day of their dreams, and that’s where DASH fills the void.

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